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JANASAHAJYA is a Non-Government, Non-Political, Non-Profit Making and Secular grassroots level organization which works in Kalahandi & Kandhamal District of Odisha with marginalized Tribal and Dalits on Right Based approach. Its core areas of involvement include Forest & land Rights, MGNREGA, RSBY, WADI, WSHG, GRLTP, MEDP, Financial Inclusion, Farmer’s Group, Micro Planning, BGREI & Food Security.

Aims & Objectives:

The objectives for which the organization is proposed shall be to conduct training & multi disciplinary research o the issues like Environment, Health, Education, Problems for fast development in the country.

  1. To create awareness amount the people irrespective of area, caste, creed to take up different programmes and activities for their Socio Economic and cultural development by best use of locally available resources.

  2. To take up educational programmes both formal and non formal school dropout and non school going students and women.

  3. To provide facilities for vocational training in different trades and keeping in view the best utilization of locally available resources.

  4. To take up different educational programmes to eradicate various superstitions being arisen in tribal villages.

  5. To provide low-cost housing, sanitary latrine, irrigation and other facilities through different socio economic projects.

  6. To take up different environmental programmes for creation of better human and natural environment.

  7. To educate people against environmental destruction and podu cultivation and to provide them alternate shills for their sustenance.

  8. To provide or establish training or extension service for appropriate Rural Technology, improved method of agriculture, Dairy, poultry & farming.

  9. To promote and undertake afforestation / social forestry, alternative sources of energy and other such environmental programme.

  10. To acquaint people their rights and responsibilities ad make them aware about their position in the society.

  11. To interact, cooperate and work in the various individuals, organizations, instructions, governmental and non-governmental agencies for the fulfillment of objectives of “JANASAHAJYA”.

  12. To undertake such other activities from time to time as shall be deemed necessary for the attainment of the above objects of “JANASAHAJYA”.