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29 March, 2014
Janasahajya Office, Kucheijore, Santpur, Kalahandi ,
Date: 29 March, 2014
Location: Janasahajya Office, Kucheijore, Santpur, Kalahandi ,

Resource Person : 1. Advocate Pradeep Prabhu,
Member NCSD

Guest : 1. . Mr. Pradeep Sahoo , Social Activist
2. Mr. Bharat Bhusan Thakur , Chairman
Janakalyan Sansthan , Bhawanipatna
3. Mr. Sudhansu Sekhar Deo , State Coordinator ,PACS( FRA)

Participants : 1000

Objective of the Programme:

  • To Create Awareness among the FRC Members/Forest dwellers about Forest Right Act 2006 (Amendment Act-2012)
  • To strengthen FRC members for demanding their records.
  • To sensitize the women members of FRC and promoting their skill for the upliftment of the society.

Programme Details:

(Welcome Addressed by Ms.Sita Devi (Secretary, Janasahajya)
Today on dated-29-03-2014 there was a ‘DISTRICT LEVEL AWARENESS CAMPAIGN ON FRA” programme organised by JANASAHAJYA in collaboration with PACS (Jeevika Adhikar) at “Janasahajya Office, Kucheijore”, Santpur, Kalahandi. At around 10.00 A.M. the meeting was started by Mrs Sita Devi (Secretary, Janasahajya) Advocate Pradeep Prabhu , Member ,NCSD Mr. Pradeep Sahoo , Social Activist , Mr. Sudhansu Sekhar Deo , State Coordinator ,PACS( FRA) , Mr. Bharat Bhusan Thakur , Chairman , Janakalyan Santhan , Bhawanipatna were present in this meeting. At first Ms Sita Devi, Secretary, JANASAHAJYA addressed Welcome to all participants and guest . She told to all the participants to co-operate in the program and objectivity of FRA campaign programe. All the PACS staffs of JANASAHAJYA were also present in this program .Maximum 1000 participants were present in this meeting .

(Mr.Sudhansu Sekhar Deo ,State Coordinator,PACS (FRA) Shared his view with participants)
At first Mr. Sudhnasu Sekhar Deo ,State Coordinator , PACS (FRA) gave his heartiest wish and welcome to all the participants . He appreciated JANASAHAJYA and all the staff of the organisation for organizing such event at district level . He told that Forest Right Act was one of the biggest weapon to claim the demands of the excluded community of the society . Through the act many tribal people got their identity and also the other forest dwellers . This act had given and secured them for their livelihood . Many decades had been passed and in the passed decades the tribal got only the exploitation, humilitiation through different agents of the society . He remembered the historic decision of the apex court ( Supreme Court ) of our nation in the Niyamgiri issue . He addressed all the participants to join their hands to create a mass movement for their forest right . Both the guest and all the participants were worship a tree and took the oath that they never gave up their voice against any cruel power which would have oppose their birth rights .

(Mr.Pradeep Sahoo, Social Activist shared his view with participants)
Secondly Mr. Pradeep Sahoo told The Indian Recognition of Forest Right’s Act defines a category of land tenure that is premised upon the recognition of customary entitlements to forest resources entitled to forest dwelling groups. The concept of custom is defined by livelihood practices and proprietary rights. That ‘custom’ presents an understanding of agrarian practices that is both a claim to political rights and a normative description of livelihood practices. The implementation of the Forest Rights Act in the Lanjigarh block of Kalahandi, Odisha, in order to understand what this concept of custom signifies within the political economic setting it is meant to describe.

(Mr.Bharat Bhusan Thakur, Chairman , Janakalyan Sansthan shared his view with participants)
Thirdly Mr. Bharat Bhusan Thakur gave his view that Section 6(1) of the Act provides that the gram sabha, or village assembly passes a resolution recommending whose rights to which resources should be recognized ( which lands belong to whom, how much land was under the cultivation of each person as on 13 Dec 2005, etc.). This resolution is then screened and approved at the level of the sub-division (or taluka) and subsequently at the district level. The screening committees consist of three government officials (Forest, Revenue and Tribal Welfare departments) and three elected members of the local body at that level. So the Gram sabha has the Supreme Power to execute the FRA at the village level .

(Mr.Pradeep Prabhu,Member NCSD shared his view with participants)
Fourthly Mr.Pradeep Prabhu told millions of people live in and near the forest land . But they have no legal right to their homes,lands and livelihoods . A few government officials have all power over forests and forest dwellers. A remarkable act which gives the recognition for forest dweller’s right and makes conservation more accountable .

(Mrs. Sita Devi, Secretary, Janasahajya gave votes of thanks to Guest & all Participants)
At last Mr. Dushmanta Padhan, Project Coordinator gave votes of thank to all the guest and participants and the programme was closed at 4.00 PM.